A Lonely Place For Dying

A Lonely Place For Dying

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KGB defector Nikolai Dzerzhinsky (Ross Marquand) convinces Washington Post Editor-In-Chief Howard Simons (James Cromwell) to send a reporter for a rendezvous in an abandoned Mexican prison. CIA project manager Anthony Greenglass (Michael Wincott) sends special agent Robert Harper (Michael Scovotti) to intercept Nikolai...and kill him.


L'acteur américain James Cromwell a intégré la distribution du thriller d'espionnage A Lonely Place For Dying réalisé par Justin Evans, révèle le site spécialisé Moviehole.net.

James Cromwell prêtera ses traits à Howard Simons, directeur emblématique de la rédaction du Washington Post à l'époque du Watergate et à l'origine du pseudonyme "Gorge profonde". Le film évoquera toutefois un tout autre scandale. Il se déroulera avant ces événements, en 1972, et s'intéressera à un agent du KGB (Ross Marquant) tentant d'acheter son exil aux Etats-Unis grâce à des informations à propos de crimes de guerre au Laos perpétrés par la CIA. Le personnage devra affronter l'agent Robert Harper (Michael Scovotti), l'homme responsable des crimes.

L'acteur canadien Michael Wincott (Dead Man) rejoint aussi le casting dans le rôle d'un dirigeant de la CIA. Le tournage de A Lonely Place For Dying commencera le 1er septembre à Santa Fe dans l'Etat du Nouveau Mexique.

James Cromwell, 68 ans, s'est illustré dans les films L.a. Confidential (1997), The Queen (2006) ou encore la série Six Feet Under. Les cinéphiles pourront le découvrir sous les traits de George Bush Senior dans W. d'Oliver Stone à partir du 29 octobre prochain.

VODO is proud to present this incredible indie Cold War spy thriller, with appearances from James Cromwell (LA Confidential, The Green Mile, Secretariat) and indie-favorite Michael Wincott (Talk Radio, The Crow, The Assassination of Richard Nixon).

Created by talented first-time Director Justin Eugene Evans, A Lonely Place for Dying has already been a festival hit. Now it's releasing as a five-part series through VODO, including two music releases highlighting the work of the film's composer, Brent Daniels.

Justin and this team have done an amazing job making A Lonely Place For Dying look and feel like a multi-million dollar production. But make no mistake: while these guys may have been canny and talented enough to get some big names into their production, this is a real independent film that's premiering on VODO as part of Justin's mission to reach his audience by any means necessary! The team very much need your support and help to make the project a success.

It's not just about making back the $200,000 Justin pulled together to make the film: his goal is to use this VODO release to do a unique theatrical distribution in the United States. That's a real first, funding traditional movie screenings from the P2P base, and it deserves all our support. It is a bold move by a brave filmmaker.

Every major supporter has the chance to be recognised and listed in the touring feature film in the United States and, hopefully, beyond! For those that just want to support the next episode, there are also great offers to get your name in front of hundreds of thousands of downloaders.

If all goes to plan, the team will be releasing A Lonely Place for Dying theatrically in January, 2011.

Are you an illustrator, graphic designer, translator/subtitler, graffiti artist, sculptor, comic illustrator or grass roots marketing guru? Whatever your skills may include, from furniture making to sculpture, you can help.

If you enjoyed watching A Lonely Place for Dying and are interested in contributing to the film's success, please contact the team immediately.

Justin Eugene Evans
Director | Writer | Cinematographer | Graphic Designer | Producer

Justin Eugene Evans began his first theatre company at 14 and began making films at 15. He is the founder, former CEO & Creative Director of Mystic Arts in Beijing as well as the owner and producer of Humble Magi, LLC. He has been a film professor and art director in the video game industry.

Brent Daniels Composer | Sound Designer | Re-recording Mixer | Website Designer | Producer

Brent Daniels (also professionally known as 'Free') began classical piano studies at age 10. A love affair with electronic music production and the recording arts soon blossomed and led to his first professional performances of his own work at age 14. Brent has recorded and released under the name Hednoize while working as a film composer and post production sound designer As a remixer and programmer, Brent has worked with many well-known acts. His music has been used in film (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Charlie's Angels, Scary Movie 2, Homegrown, Gossip, The Skulls, Behind Enemy Lines, The Lake House, The Love Guru), television ('Le Femme Nikita,' 'Mad Men,' 'Burn Notice,' 'The Real World,' and trailers ('Blade Runner [re-release]),' Terminator: Salvation,' 'Flight Of The Phoenix') .

A Lonely Place For Dying
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Il s'agit en fait d'un film mais comme il sera produit en 5 parties je l'ai mis dans la section "séries"…
Open U'r mind & U'r @ss will folloW... =;-)
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