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Message par psikopate le 27 Août 2011, 19:01

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Aucun problème pour ma part, tant que ça finit par arriver :D

Par contre il s'agit définitivement des 2 derniers épisodes de la série?
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Re: Primeval 5.05 [VF DISPO]

Message par Orion le 27 Août 2011, 19:12

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D'après le co-créateur de la série, si une saison 6 voit le jour, ce ne sera pas avant 2013. Donc il faudra attendre d'avoir les scores de la saison, tous les niveaux (diffusion, ventes de DVD) pour en savoir plus.

Primeval’s co-creator Adrian Hodges has explained that the future of the show is uncertain, but he would definitely like it to continue to Series 6.

“We have absolutely every desire to make [Series 6], but we need the show to carry on doing really well on Watch, to sell well on DVD, but most significantly [Series 5] to do well on ITV when it’s shown early next year. Sadly, that means that we will just have to hang on,” he told Scifibulletin.

Hodges indicated that the finale of Series 5 will serve as an ending, but if the show does get a sixth series, it is unlikely to air until 2013.

“I think people will feel at the end of this series that we’ve reached an interesting point in the show’s development. Obviously we would like all the cast to come back, but if we do go again, and the cast changes, we think we would be able to make that work as a fresh start. We’re not too concerned about the hiatus in the way we were [when the show was dropped at the end of series three] when it really was an awful shock. It was completely out of the blue and ruined all our plans to do various things.

“This series, because we had to plan for it as if it were our last episode, we think it is a very satisfying conclusion, but we have prepared the ground to go again.”
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Re: Primeval 5.05 [VF DISPO]

Message par Zombie le 28 Août 2011, 11:06

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Elanor, etig

Merci les amis ! :)
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Re: Primeval 5.05 [VF DISPO]

Message par kaioflexx le 04 Sep 2011, 13:19

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Elanor, etig

Merci la team.
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